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Vietnamese Medical Students scholarship recipients for 2008

Hanoi University Medical Students

In 2008, 3 Hanoi Medical University Students were successful in obtaining scholarships from the Học Mãi Foundation

Le Nguyet Minh
Pham Minh Giang
Phạm Hoàng Ngọc Hoa

Reflections from Le Nguyet Minh

4 weeks in urology surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital

Le Nguyet Minh (Vietnamese medical student – Hanoi Medical University)

I was involved in urology surgery Department, Royal North Shore Hospital, from 7th July to 1st of August 2008 as an elective medical student. The main objectives of this elective were to observe and find out the most effective methods to learn medicine, and how to work within a hospital as well.The very first thing I had to do was to get acquainted with my team work, included two supervisors – Dr. Ken Vaux, Dr. Rasiah, a registrar - Dr. Said Jaboubs, and an intern – Amanda Tan. At the first time, it was quite difficult for me to meet them, but it turned to be easy when I discovered how to take their schedules. Everyone has the own timetable for each day, each hour, and they were all available on the intranet of the RNS hospital. I myself had the schedule for my 4-week-election. I spent three days per week in theatre, besides Wednesday at urodynamics department and Thursday at out-patient department (OPD).
Secondly, I could see how effectively the hospital system works. They follow patients from birth till the death. Whenever they have complaints, they present their local doctor or general practitioner (GP), and then they will have an appointment with a specialist if it’s necessary. All information needed was sent to the specialist with a letter from GP that shortens the interview between doctors and patients, to save time so much. I had seen those appointments in OPD with my registrar. He showed me the way to present to patients, he always smiled, answered all their questions, and explained their problems carefully, he treated as if he was their brother or their son (such a surprising thing that almost patients are over 60). I could see their pleasure faces when they left OPD. That is an essential skill I could learn from him and all staff there. He emphasized that being a good surgeon is very hard, because a good surgeon must have a lion’s heart, precise as an eagle but soft hands and gentle as mothers, those are always kept in my mind. He encouraged my love with surgery so much.
Thirdly, I also joined all the examinations and tests were used in Urology such as bladder scan, urodynamic, cystoscopy for urinary tract investigation and treatment as well… I could follow a patient to do pre-operation, included examination and taking note, I was extremely happy about that. Furthermore, I was welcome in most tutorials for student and intern there, especially presentations every Wednesday of researching club.

I would like to thank the Học Mãi Foundation for giving me a good chance to study in Royal North Shore hospital, a very essential opportunity to change my view about behavior in medicine.

So I do hope that the Học Mãi Foundation could bring more and more opportunities for Vietnamese students and young doctors as well.

Thank you for everything!