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AusAID ALA/Học Mãi Foundation Fellowship (2008)

The Học Mãi Foundation was awarded an Australian Leadership Award (ALA) grant from AusAID in order to support 30 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians from various hospitals and universities in Viêt Nam to study in Australia.

2008 fellows

AusAID ALA/Học Mãi Foundation Fellows

AusAID ALA/Học Mãi Foundation Fellowship (2007)

AusAID Fellows meeting in Canberra

In 2007, the Foundation was awarded a grant through the AusAID Australian Leadership Award Program which has had a significant impact on the development and expansion of the Vietnamese Health Professionals Fellowship Program. As a result, the Foundation were able to sponsor twenty four (24) health professionals from Vietnam to come to Australia for three months from June to October, 2007.

AusAID/Học Mãi Fellows

Due to the strong relationship of the Học Mãi Foundation with many health professionals and organisations, the Fellows enjoyed clinical placements in many parts of Sydney and Australia.

2007 AusAID/Học Mãi Fellows

Comment from Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan (AusAID ALA/Học Mãi Fellow, 2007)

My name is Nguyen Anh Tuan, doctor working at Department of Emergency Medicine, Bach Mai National Hospital and I am concurrent lecturer of Hanoi Medical University. I received an Australian Fellowship with the Hoc Mai Foundation to stay in Sydney for 3 months in the year of 2007.

Dr Tuan

My desire was to learn in different health care system, particularly in a developed country as Australia. In three months, I have stayed almost in Emergency Department at Royal North Shore Hospital where I met a lot of patients with variety of diseases. I thought of each situation and compare with what we deal with those patients in our country. I also tried to think of what make the difference.

The most impression thing to me is the professional skill and the excellent collaboration of the medical staffs (team work). I also had the chance to attend some medical lectures which will be helpful for me in the future in the role of a medical teacher. Now I am back to my work as an emergency physician and utilize what I have seen in Australia to my practicing. I would like to express my great thank to AusAID and The Hoc Mai Foundation who brought me to Australia and provided me a chance to upgrade my knowledge and experience.

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan
Department of Emergency medicine/Hanoi Medical University

Reflections of Phung Thi Bich Thuy ( AusAID/Học Mãi Fellow)
Dr Thuy

In 2007, I attended Sydney with a AusAID/Hoc Mai scholarship. I spent time studying in The University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital under the supervision of Prof. Peter McMinn (Bosch Chair of Infectious Diseases).

I have improved my knowledge of infection diseases and learned how is set up and data-processing for experiments, using some methods for diagnosis of viruses such as: immuno-fluorescence (IF), virus cell culture, real time PCR and sequencing. I have observed in other hospitals such as: Westmead Children Hospital, Westmead Hospital and SUPAMAC.

After I returned from the Fellowship, I successfully applied for ‘Real time PCR method’ for the diagnosis of Adenovirus in my lab which I have worked with at RPA Hospital. At present, I am using this method for routine testing in my hospital.

I have submitted an application to undergo PhD in Sydney University. I hope that I will have PhD scholarship to come back to study in 2008.

At last, I would like to thank Prof. Bruce Robinson – The Hoc Mai Foundation Chair, who created opportunity for me to go to Sydney to learn useful knowledge for my job but also to improve my English language. I would like to thank Ms. Rhondda Glasson, Dr. Dilhani Bandaranayake and all my Australia friends who help me during time my stay in Sydney.

Phung Thi Bich Thuy
Molecular Biology- Virologist,
National Hospital Paediatrics, Hanoi