Scholarships for allied health students from the University of Sydney

Richard Blennerhassett et al

Reflections from allied health students

Richard Blennerhassett


While sitting in the Hanoi international airport I have a few spare moments to reflect on the Học Mãi experience, some time to revisit my learning objectives prior to arrival here and an endless moment to ponder how I can ever put this experience into words. Here goes.

My background as a physiotherapy graduate, and a practising physiotherapist in a Sydney hospital, tempers my perception of the past month, and did influence my learning goals before arriving. Initially I was keen to see respiratory medicine and its practice from the perspective of Vietnamese doctors, nurses and obviously physiotherapists as well. I was keen to see signs and symptoms of conditions usually reserved for textbooks in Australia.

At our first meeting with Professor Duong he asked us what it was that we would like to see while we were in Vietnam. I experienced what could only be described as an instantaneous change of heart. I told him I would love to spend time in the department of Pathology at Benh Vien Bach Mai.

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