Scholarships for 2nd year medical students from the University of Sydney

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2010 Scholarships for 2nd year medical students

Marianne Dowsett, Mark Er, Arabella Lindsay Walker

On the morning of our first day in Hanoi, Dr Duong and Dr An introduced us to Viet Duc Hospital and our clinical supervisors. Over the next month, we witnessed the working intricacies of Viet Duc Hospital and the ways in which life at the hospital reflected many of the virtuous qualities of Vietnamese culture. For instance, at first glance Viet Duc appeared over-crowded with patients, however, we soon learnt that many of these people were family members there to comfort and support their loved-ones - highlighting for us the strong family values held by many Vietnamese people. Our supervisors introduced us to both the hospital and HaNoi. In theatre and on the wards they showed great diligence, spirit and concern for their patients - qualities that we aspire to match in our future careers. In theatre our supervisors gave us the opportunity to scrub-in, assist and practice skills such as suturing. We were shown interesting diseases and presentations that would be a rarity in Australian hospitals. Outside on the streets of HaNoi, over memorable conversations, we were introduced to Vietnamese food and coffee. Overall, our experiences at the hospital were invaluable and we are so very thankful to be given such an opportunity. Continued

2009 Scholarships for 2nd year medical students - Northern Clinical School

Second year medical students from the Northern Clinical School within the University of Sydney have been able to apply for a Học Mãi scholarship to fund their travel to enable the student to undertake a one month clinical placement in HaNoi for some years.

The call for applications will occur in the early half of the 2009 academic year and are managed through the Northern Clinical School Electives coordinator.

2008 2nd year medical students medical students from University of Sydney

Kate Larkins, Renee Burton, Chris Brunsdon, Dr Nguyen Huu Tu, Chloe Wilcox, Susanna Lam

Five students (Kate Larkins, Renee Burton, Chris Brunsdon, Chloe Wilcox, Susanna Lam) undertook their Học Mãi student scholarship for clinical placement in HaNoi from 29 November to 26 December, 2008.

The students are seen here with Dr Nguyen Huu Tu (a Học Mãi fellow from 2007 and a strong supporter of the Học Mãi Foundation).

Học Mãi second year student report:

"They say you come to Vietnam and you understand a lot in a few minutes, but the rest has got to be lived…."

Five fortunate second year medical students realised this was just as true for the hospitals of HaNoi as it was for Thomas Fowler’s Viêt Nam in the film The Quiet American. We spent four weeks in HaNoi as part of the Học Mãi Scholarship program. This experience introduced us to an incredible culture, a dedicated and committed people and of course offered a unique insight into medicine in a developing world.

2007 2nd year medical students from University of Sydney

Medical Students at Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi 2007

Scholarship recipients

For each of us the Vietnam experience had its different highlights. From becoming budding neurosurgeons, to colorectal surgeons, nephrologists, obstetricians, pediatricians and emergency medicine doctors, each of us were touched by the doctors that took time out of their days to teach and inspire us. Through their eyes we were able to learn about health care in Vietnam; to engage in discussions about diagnosis, management and the intricacies of the Vietnamese health care system. Continued...