Vietnamese Scholarships

The Hoc Mai Foundation brings young Vietnamese doctors and allied health professionals to Sydney to train for three-month periods. In addition, a doctor will be placed in Tasmania. Each scholarship costs $10,000 (includes airfares, accommodation, medical registration, basic expenses) and enables them to work in a major teaching hospital of the University of Sydney.

Successful Applicants for 2006

Ms Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai
Dr Le Nam Thang
Dr Nguyen Huu Tu
Dr Tran Trung Dung
Dr Nguyen Kim Viet
Dr Dong Van He
Dr Phan Hong Minh
Ms Ta Ngoc Thuy
Ms Pham Thi Hong Hoa
Mr Pham Nghiem Minh
In addition, Dr Phan Hong Viet has been awarded a full scholarship by the Faculty of Medicine to do a PhD in the Oncology Department at Concord Hospital under the supervision of Professor Stephen Clarke. Dr Viet previously won an AusAid Scholarship to do an MPH at University New South Wales.
The following students have scholarships from Hanoi Medical University to spend a month at the Northern Clinical School:

Ms Nguyen Tuan Anh
Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Ly
Mr Vu Quang Ngoc
Ms Tran Minh Ha

Find out more about the kind of work the visiting medical professionals from Vietnam are involved in at Royal North Shore Hospital (see below).

Reflections by three scholars
Dr Le Quang Thanh
Gynaecologic Surgeon
TuDu Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City

My objective was to learn advanced technique in gynaecology endoscopy. During the three months I worked mainly at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. I worked with A/Prof Alan Lam who is regarded as one of the best Gynaecology Endoscopy Specialists in Australia.

Thanks to Hoc Mai my training objectives were successfully obtained.

I am grateful to B Braun for sponsoring my training. I hope that in the future we will have a good relationship with more Vietnamese Doctors going to Sydney for training.
Dr Tran Nhu Minh Hang
Department of Psychiatry,
Hue Medical College

I see that Australia has a well developed system of education for psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and social workers and a good mental health system in management and treatment for patients.

At each of my placements I participated in activities including reviews, case presentations and lectures. I learned alot about assessing and treating clients and think the discussions about perinatal mental disorders was particularly useful.

It was lovely to meet my Australian Colleagues and members of Hoc Mai. Without Hoc Mai this life changing experience would not have happened and I would not be able to benefit my patients with the valuable knowledge and experience I gained.
Dr Cao Van Tri
Department of Urology
Da Nang General Hospital

I was very anxious about coming to Australia to study but all my anxiety disappeared with the enthusiastic support I recieved from the Urologists at Royal North Shore hospital.
Thanks to their kindness I felt more self confident after a couple of days. They arranged my program to meet my interest in laparoscopic surgery. Besides working in the operating theatre, I also studied in the urodynamic room and outpatient clinic. My view of medicine changed every day.
I also attended a training course at the Northern Clinical Skills Centre in laparoscopy organised by A/Prof Alan Lam. This improved my skills a lot.