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How can you help us?


The Học Mãi Foundation needs on going support and funding from businesses and the community to ensure that the work can continue as effectively as possible.

You can help us by:

  • Becoming a corporate partner
  • Sponsoring a Vietnamese doctor
  • Funding textbooks for the Vietnamese hospitals
    Sponsoring a Học Mãi event
  • Making a donation to the work of the Học Mãi Foundation

You can do this by sending your credit card details or cheque/money order to the address on the donation form.

Donation Form  

Your donation can assist with:

  • AU$500 will buy a reference textbook for our Vietnamese colleagues
  • $AU1,000 affords yearly subscriptions to medical journals
  • $AU3,500 sends one medical student to Vietnam for a two-month study period
  • $AU2,000 to bring a Vietnamese medical student to study at the Northern Clinical School, University of Sydney
  • $AU10,000 enables a Vietnamese doctor or allied health professional to come to for three months of specialist training
Dr Duong



Rhondda Glasson
Executive Officer
Học Mãi Foundation
University of Sydney

Học Mãi Foundation
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